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Research and Development

Innovon will partner with you to conduct research and development on natural products to conduct biological screening and chemical activities for identification of active components.  We also provide  scientific evidence required to develop these into product leads and concepts with relevant claims and partner with you to commercialise these.

Product Development

Innovon seek partnerships with institutions, commercial entities  and investors and we see a viable opportunity of combining forces to create a range of new products derived from the Innovon Intellectual Property portfolio. We have access to key infrastructure and we have strong partnerships and networks to develop and commercialise products with our partners

Investment and Joint Ventures

We seek partners to invest in Innovon Technologies (Pty) Ltd or to form joint ventures. Innovon has rights to over 30 years of R&D data in the area of Bioprospecting and Natural Products related know-how, technology packages and access to supporting databases of natural products, extracts, fractions and compound libraries. The value of this IP in the collective form of know-how, scientific data and physical samples is invaluable.  We have assisted a number of commercial partners to obtain rights to relevant patents.  However it is the access to the fundamental data and underlying knowledge and technology descriptions, coupled with the collective wisdom of all relevant inventors, innovators and commercial experience vested in Innovon that will form the value proposition to any of our potential investors

Bioprospecting Regulations

Innovon (Pty) Ltd understands the current legislations contained in the various biodiversity legislation derived from the Convention on Biodiversity and has an intimate knowledge and experience of the access and benefit sharing principles and processes and we will continue to be compliant with all such regulations.  As a team we have worked closely with communities, Government Departments and other regulators and our value proposition further includes the fact that we were part of this network and we have gained the respect of both communities and traditional healers on the one side, and the regulators on the other.  We can assist any commercial venture to navigate through this complexity and commercialise products globally.

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