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Natural Product Innovation

Adding Value to Africa's Biodiversity

About us

About Us

The home of Innovators – collectively we have more than 100 years’ experience in the innovation space and have rights to several innovative technologies and have an intimate knowledge of products derived from Africa’s indigenous biodiversity

Africa is blessed with a rich plant biodiversity  and in Southern Africa more than 24 000 indigenous plants occurs, representing about 10% of all higher plants on Earth. There is also a long tradition of medicinal use of plants. It is estimated that at least 70% of all South Africans consult one of the more than 200 000 Traditional Healers in the country. 


More than 100 patents in the area have been filed with the involvement of at least one member of our team and we have rights to substantive know-how, technology packages and data which are essential to support the commercialisation of these natural product inventions.

Our team has knowledge of a broad range of natural products from herbal medicines, complementary medicines, cosmetics, food, beverages and dietary supplements.

Strategic Intent

Innovon (Pty) Ltd is seeking partnerships to commercialise products in the health, food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic markets

In partnership we can complete the necessary clinical evaluation required by the regulatory environment in Africa for registration as complementary medicines, dietary supplements cosmetic and/or food ingredients for management and treatment of a range of lifestyle diseases.

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