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Database and Bioprospecting Library

Southern Africa’s rich plant Biodiversity is estimated to consist of approximately 24 000 indigenous plant species of which, Innovon has non-exclusive access to approximately 11 000 and an estimated 20 000 corresponding plant extracts and several pure compounds, analogues and mimics. These form part of database of extracts with supporting information on geographic location, process of extraction, activity and the like.

Natural Product Leads

The collaboration between researchers and Traditional Healers on the use of medicinal plants in Africa led to the identification of a number of  remedies which include the treatment of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, arthritis, asthma, diabetes,  cancer etc.  Innovon has rights to intellectual property that support commercialisation of these leads and seek partners to further develop and commercialise these

Product Concepts

Innovon has developed intellectual property on efficacy of certain leads based on their expertise of many years of research in the area.  This include the networks the group has established with various industry players, and knowledge holders who provided information and a thorough interrogation of the published information to identify niche market opportunities. These include plants that are used as inhalants of the vapours with supporting information substantiating their use. It also includes essential oil bearing plants with medicinal properties and plants that have significant published information on proving efficacy and safety and are also currently being traded commercially. For these we have identified niche applications for commercial purposes.  

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